the nitty gritty on condition and sizing.

condition and sizing.


There is no industry standard when it comes to sizing. What one woman considers the perfect size 8 is not the other's idea of perfection. To accommodate everyone, we have tried our best to do away with the size number and just give you the measurements in inches. This is the best way to get the perfect fit for YOU.

Bust measurements are always taken across the fullest part of your torso. For some "apple" shaped women, this could mean their bellies. In your case, we'll assume this is not the way it is. Waist and hip are also taken at their fullest. Sleeve measurements are taken on the outside, from shoulder seam, or natural shoulder if there is no (or a dropped) seam, to wrist. Total length for dresses means nape to hem and pants are measured along the inseam, from crotch to hem.

We are happy to provide any extra measurements that we haven't already given. Ask and ye shall receive. It could be anything from skirt length on an antique evening gown or extra seam allowances on a skirt. This is no time to lie, ladies. Your measurements ARE what they are and the top secret to looking great is making sure your clothes fit you perfectly. A note about vintage shoe sizes : Because of the difference in widths from yesterday's foot to today's, you might not be able to wear the same size vintage shoe as you would a modern one. Narrow widths like AAAA in vintage can often mean that you would need a half size larger in vintage than you would normally in a contemporary shoe (most modern shoes are a B width, even when the shoe doesn't say so) to compensate for the slim silhouette of the shoe. If you have any doubts or don't give a rat's ass about understanding shoe widths, we encourage you to write. We'd be happy to think for you.


Of course, buying new clothing doesn't require much thought about condition. It's always pretty much brand spankin' new. If you're familar with vintage clothing, you know there's a lot of poorly cared for stuff out there that isn't worth much in its present condition. If buying vintage is new to you, make sure you ask the right questions when you buy. Things like, "What does it smell like?" are NOT odd questions. You will never hear us say things like, "Small stain should easily come out." or "Tiny tear that would be easily fixed with a few stitches.". We also steer clear of comments like "in excellent vintage condition" - condition is not relative to age, it either is or isn't ready to wear regardless of its age. We only buy things that have been well cared for so all you have to do is enjoy them. We take great pride in sending out pieces that are clean and free of smells, stains and moth damage. Each piece has its original designer label and we never make attributions or say a piece is by a certain someone if the label is missing. While things may be in unbelievable condition, these things ARE vintage. You just can't compare them to things that were made yesterday. Sometimes they are more fragile and sometimes they are way better. We've graded our clothing and accessories so you can quickly check out an item without a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo. Take a couple of seconds to get familiar with 'da system' and you'll always have a clear idea of any flaws or issues a piece may have. 

Flawless = Mint condition with no flaws at all. There won't be any stains, tears, discoloration or other nastiness.

Excellent = Will show some very minor wear, such as a washing or hardware on a handbag has a hairline scratch. The distinction between "flawless" and "excellent" here at enokiworld is often as subtle as the change in a cotton shirt after being washed only one time.

Very Good = Shows some expected wear for its age, like slight softening from being washed and some allover fading. Handbags may have a a few shallow scuffs or slightly less than pristine interior.

Good = There may be a shadow stain on a dress or a weakening of the leather on a purse. Great for photo shoots or for reconstruction but not for general wear.

Fair = You won't find it here.

Poor = When it comes to clothes, poor is never worth the hassle. We don't even have it in our own closets. When you see it, run like hell.